Apartment Water Damage Sheetrock Repair in Moraga CA

We have been helping out whenever my expertise in finishing and matching drywall is needed for this client for 25 years. In this case there was some pretty substantial water damage in an apartment bathroom that has a tenant in it. In cases like this, its always important to keep the building owner and the tenants happy, we achieve this by getting in and out as quickly and cleanly as possible. Leaving a new finish that is practically indistinguishable from the old.

Kurt, it’s Bob, the patch job you did to the wall and ceiling is fantastic, can’t tell it was ever repaired. Thanks!

Photo Jun 24, 10 12 53 PM

Photo Jun 24, 10 12 19 PM

Photo Jun 24, 10 12 35 PM

Photo Jun 24, 10 12 40 PM

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