Feedback from the Lindsay Wildlife Museum

We love the outdoor lifestyle, wilderness, camping, hunting, fishing etc. So when we got a call to do some work for a great organization such as the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek, CA. We jumped at the opportunity! After the work was done, we received a nice email from the facilities manager there.



I wanted to give you and your company our gratitude for the work that you provided to Lindsay Wildlife Experience on 1 June 2015.  The timely/extensive repairs made to the soffit, above our animal activity area, mitigated immediate safety concerns and eliminated future hazards.  Most importantly, we want to thank you for donating your time to the repairs!  Your contribution saved our organization more than $1500 dollars, which was intern used to care for injured animals brought into our wildlife hospital.  O.M.A. Drywall came highly recommended, and the services provided did not disappoint!



Jamie Fernett

Facilities Manager

Lindsay Wildlife Experience


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